zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

Girls In Chains - Women In Prison Flicks

W.I.P. Flicks (Women In Prison) is a subgenre of the exploitation films. And actually the names says it all it’s about women in a prison. But this genre is not just women in a prison, actually it’s far more.

This subgenre was already to be seen in the Drive Ins back in to 1950’s but actually became popular and fun in the 1970’s. First let me explain some things and some clichés in the genre. First you have all the innocent girls that are locked up in a prison. Second of all you have the female prison guard who is very, very sadistic and most likely a lesbian. Another (really fun) thing is that the girls probably have to take a shower together, naked off course. Another thing that makes these movies entertaining is torture. Yes, good old torture. A major escape, most likely the girls are naked and even more likely it fails. Which returns us some torture scenes. And the lesbian cellmates that can’t stay clear from the main character.

Yes, these movies are sleazy, really sleazy witch makes this one of my all time favourite genres.

Some examples are Sadomania, Black Mama, White Mama, Bamboo House Of Dolls, Reform School Girls, Hellhole, Women In Cellblock 9, Caged Heat, Bare Behind Bars, Amazon Jail, Red Heat, Female Prisoner #701 etc.

Why are these movies so good you might be wondering. Well, just because they are a lot of fun. Imagine yourself sitting in front of your tele watching some lame news reporter talking about the same boring shit you here everyday. Well that betters your mood when you have had a hard day of work at the office. But then you see a glittering dvd of Reform School Girls, and decide to put it in your dvd player…….Wow! They are taking a shower together, tough women making life in prison even harder. Who is that blond chick in costume, oh she is the mean warden of the prison and she tortures these poor women. And better she is a lesbian! Explosions, adrenaline, naked women, torture.. This is the night of my life.

Now you see why this genre is so great. It’s sleazy and entertaining as can be!

Without a doubt your convinced. Let’s talk about some off the dvd labels that release these movies. First up, Blue Underground. Blue Underground is the label from former director William Lustig. They have released some of the very best in W.I.P. cinema. For example: Sadomania, Amazon Jail, Women Behind Bars and many more of the very best. Shriek Show has released Women In Fury. In the Roger Corman Early Films collection you can find Caged Heat witch is sadly in 4:3. Also check out Retro Shock-O-Rama witch released Women’s Prison Massacre and a Women In Prison Triple Feature witch contains: Women In Cell Block 7, Escape From Hell and The Hot Box!

Just check out all the genre labels and you will find a lot of the movies in this subgenre.

Thanks for reading, and now go watch some girls behind bars being naked and being tortured by a Lesbian Warden!

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